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  1. I just found your site while looking for a way to create an online book reading list–it’s a great idea! I appreciate the facebook and wordpress plugins as well, and I’m going to start using both of them soon (I’m also going to blog about your site).

    Feature request:

    – ability to re-order the wishlist/to-read list, so I can reevaluate my reading priorities as they change. Or just ability to re-order all lists in general.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Lists cannot be sorted arbitrarily but I am planning to add a sort feature to your lists, for instance, sort by name, sort by average rating and sort by Author. I don’t want to commit to a definite time frame for this change but I would expect it to be completed early in March.

    Will this be good for you?

    Any blog article about the site is more than welcome as this attracts more users and we get more reviews and more accurate book ratings too.


  3. The arbitrary sorting was what I was looking for, but the other sorting options are useful too.

    Here’s just an idea: Would it be possible to add another field similar to our ratings of books we’ve read, maybe something called “priority” that could either be low/med/high, or 1-10. That way we could sort on that–it wouldn’t be an absolute ordering of each book, but it could at least sort higher-priority books first.

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